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Take a look at how you can use these tools to optimize your Facebook pages for increased Traffic~


EZ Scheduler App

Everyone knows that posting interesting posts on a regular, frequent basis increases visitors. Give yourself the luxury of scheduling a week’s or a month’s worth of posts ahead of time. Have you ever noticed that the same kind of post gets a better response if you post it at certain times than the same post at a different hour of the day? This is because there are peak traffic times for social media use. Peak times will depend largely on your audience and your time zone. By scheduling posts to appear at peak traffic times, you’ll be able to ensure more views. More views means more visitors. With this app, you can schedule future posts so that you have peace of mind and can take off on that vacation, having your posts show up right on schedule. If you have more than one page you manage, EZ Scheduler App allows you to simultaneously post to more than one Facebook page instantly or at the date and time you specify.

RediBot Messenger App!

Did you know that Facebook’s algorithms reward pages that respond quickly to messages? If you don’t like the idea of being on call 24/7 so to speak, to boost this metric, why not use our RediBot Messenger App to give your Facebook page visitors a prompt response when they message you. You don’t need to know any coding or design skills. You can use these automatic conversation flows to deliver value, point visitors in the right direction, answer frequently asked questions, and more!

Comment Ninja App!

Boost your engagement rate with our amazing bot by having it give public and private responses to comments on your FB posts. One of the secrets to growing your audience is encouraging organic comments on your posts and responding to comments quickly.

Live Video Broadcaster App

Want lots of eyeballs on your posts? Then make your posts Facebook live videos! According to Facebook, "Facebook Live can generate ten times the comments of prerecorded video." The beauty of this app is that you can upload videos up to 50mb each to be played live when you schedule them. You can even publish them live across multiple pages! Since you upload this into the cloud, you do not have to be connected to the internet for this to work. Just upload, schedule, and forget! Then rake in tons more traffic.

Call to Action App!

How would you like to put one of those nifty “download” buttons on the bottom of your post image? Or have people click on your to subscribe to your newsletter? Those buttons on Facebook usually are the result of paid ads. But here’s your chance to harness the power of those buttons for free without paying for ads. Yup. That’s right. Our Facebook compliant “Call to Action App” allows you to create posts with buttons. This app alone is worth its weight in gold!

Skip the Funnel with RealEmail Collector App!

How would you like to ditch the need for a landing page or opt-in form? If you ever been burned with people giving you fake email addresses to get your free report or other bonus for signing up to your email list, this app is for you! Skyrocket the percentage of good email addresses you will get from the visitors who click on Facebook post links powered by the RealEmail App. RealEmail allows you to capture names and emails associated with Facebook users who click coded outbound links so you don’t need a landing page or opt-in form! These emails can be synced in real time to six popular autoresponders and to Zapier.

BroadcastNow Messenger App

Let’s say you’ve got a message that simply has to get to your page followers. Maybe you have a weekend special. Or there’s a special announcement. Here’s the problem: Only a small percentage of the people who “like” and “follow” your page are going to see your post! For example, let’s say you have 4,000 followers. If nobody comments or shares your post, you might get (for the sake of an example, the actual numbers are not known) around 350 people who see your post! You could buy ads and “boost” your post. Obviously, you’ll hope they get to your followers first. But, there’s a more elegant solution for you. The Messenger Broadcaster App is special because it allows you to broadcast a FB message to your messenger list for your page! Did you know that with an average 90% open rates and 4 to 10 times higher click through rates compared to email...Messenger is the #1 app in the US and Canada with over 1 billion active users? Tap into the power of going directly into messenger for your loyal, engaged fans! No coding skills required. Just choose a subset of people who’ve messaged you and hit them with a text blast, an image and even select a call to action like a button to redirect them to your offers or customer support. Broadcast messages are the most powerful marketing tool today.

VisiBoost App

Have you ever wanted to put bold, italicized, underlined text for posts, comments, and ads? Stand out and capture your Facebook visitors' attention for a huge boost in post engagement, leads, and sales.

Drip Campaign App

Keep in the minds of your customers by messaging them non-promotional but valued news, articles, surveys, etc. on a pre-determined schedule. If you love “drip” sequences for your emails, blogging, and twitter, you’ll love this message sequence app for Facebook messenger.

Deliver by Messenger App

With one click on your website, your visitor can receive your lead-magnet in Facebook Messenger! They get your report or PDF or other file through messenger, and you will get them added to your messenger list. This is a great way to build a reliable FB messenger list easily and quickly!

Webinar Platform App

There’s no doubt about it.  Videos are the most powerful traffic tool on Facebook.  But why limit yourself to uploading pre-recorded videos?  Establish your approachability and expertise with webinars (online conferences) that you can livestream on Facebook!  You can give value to your followers by giving them hotseats, demonstrate things with your “show screen” feature, etc.  With this software, you will be able to show more than just your face on Facebook Live!  With “show screen”,  “slides”, and even different layouts, you can spark much more interest in your talk.  Best of all, you reach your FB followers in the Facebook eco-system.  Let them watch your presentation from the comfort of their Facebook screen!

ProntoSocial App Suite Features

Schedule posts ahead of time.  Can post to multiple pages of which you are the administrator.

Entice your Facebook page visitors to click on your posts for a reward or to register for something.  They get what they want and you’ll usually get their name and real emails.  GDPR compliant.

Broadcast to your Facebook Messenger list(s).  Each page has its own list.  You can exclude specific people if you would like or handpick people you want to broadcast your message to. 

Design responses for people who message your page(s).  No coding required!

Give automated responses to those who comment on your posts!  You can even respond by private message using keyword triggers.

Upload videos to be broadcast on your page(s).  Files can be up to 50 mb each.  This allows for livestreaming on Facebook Live! without you needing to be on your computer if you schedule it to be posted at a later date.

Schedule posts ahead of time.  Can post to multiple pages of which you are the administrator.

Schedule FB messenger sequence messages ahead of time.  Can only be non-promotional in nature.  Great for communicating news, links to interesting articles, etc.

Publish posts with buttons.  Can post to multiple pages of which you are the administrator.

You can insert this code into your website your visitor can get a “fremium” delivered instantly to their Facebook Messenger app.  

Get your 500 seat webinar platform which can livestream into Facebook Live. Allows slides, screensharing, and switching layouts. 



For the social media and website(s) owned by one person/organization.

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For use on the social media and website(s) managed by one person.

  • Agency license


For professionals and agencies who want time saving templates, social media content prompts, Inner Circle membership, and more.

  • Enterprise license
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